I’m a geek, really.  A geek who lives in sheffield, UK.

I run Sounds Like Screaming.  A studio based in Sheffield.  My ethos is to work hard, create well and be original.

Production is my passion.  Whether it be arranging parts for a 40-piece orchestra, or just adding that one glock note to raise the level of that last chorus to just the right amount to blow socks off, I can’t get enough.  I adore building up tracks until they sound incredible.  I love working with other writers and bands.  I love mixing.  Most importantly I love perfection and I love learning and I aim to bring these to everything I do.

I’m as much a fan of layers of instruments – strings, trumpets, choirs, drums, organs – as I am of a single acoustic guitar and a voice, or an electronic soundscape, and I feel equally at home working in many different areas of music.

I spend far too much time thinking about music, writing music, singing music, playing music, recording music, reading about recording music, practising guitars or pianos or tambourines, singing like a boy, singing like a girl, lusting over microphones, lusting under microphones, lusting around megaphones… I don’t spend enough time being a real person.

I write music for, produce records for, and play in a band called Screaming Maldini.  The Guardian said that we had  “the poppiest, most energetic sound…overflowing with beautiful yet hyper and over the top melodies.”  NME.com said we are “a very brave group of musical minstrels.” Heckler Spray simply said “ludicrously ace songs”.

I also sing Alto at Sheffield Cathedral.  This is probably a little bit more cool than it sounds, but not a lot.